Monday, June 25, 2012

How to break up with a friend?

I have unsuccessfully been trying to break up with a friend for about a year now.  Normally I am very upfront about these things, but I feel terrible about trying to cut her off because she does not have many friends and she always tells me that I am one of her best friends.

Her birthday is coming up, and I would really prefer not to go to her party at all.  She is so picky and stuck up.  She whines about everything and makes a scene. Over all it is just an embarrassment to be around her in public because of said scene.

I am just going to go for a little while and try to stay civil.  I told her that I would have to leave early because it is also my boyfriends birthday and he is having a little shindig as well.

Why is breaking up with a friend so much harder than breaking up with some one you are dating?

I think that it is because I know that if I completely cut her off, she will take some of our mutual friends with her and some of these people, I actually like and hang out with often.


Diplomacy has never, and will never be my strong point.

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